Our Values

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
Environment, health of our employees and the safety of the communities we work in are most valued things at Green Petrochem. Nothing is allowed to take priority over the well-being of our people or the environments in which we work.

We strongly believe in business transparency and ethical behavior practices, building long term trust based relationship with our clients, suppliers and associates. We focus on the needs of our counterparties and provide tailor-made solutions. Our fairness and dedication to develop long-term and equitable relationships have earned us trust and respect within the industry.

We will continue to remain focused on ramping up and maintaining our position as a contributing player that will transcend Green Petrochem’s presences globally along with the company’s principles to run its operations with a high degree of “Self-confidence” to its responsibilities towards the clients, principles, suppliers and employees in achieving a rewarding long term relationship.